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Careers of Coastal Marine Graduates from Waikato


Connon Andrews


BSc & REP, MSc (Hons) Waikato

Position: Coastal and Environmental Scientist, Tonkin & Taylor Ltd
Income prospects: Over $50K
Home town: Thames
Secondary School: Thames High School

Samoa Malaysia
Site of a new hotel in Samoa Port development site in Malaysi

Q: Why did you choose The University of Waikato?

I wanted to continue my education to a higher level and a degree was a prerequisite for the career I was pursuing.

I chose Waikato University because of the Resource and Environmental Planning conjoint major that was being offered as part of the science degrees. Other attractive qualities include the close proximity to my hometown, friends and rural feel of the University.


Q: Things you enjoyed studying in Earth Sciences.

Due to the REP major I completed papers in the School of Management, Social Science and Science. The majority of the papers in my undergraduate studies were science oriented and included, biology and Earth Sciences. The oceanography papers that I completed in the undergraduate programme ultimately led to my interest in a career of coastal science. Subsequently my postgraduate studies specialised in coastal oceanography and geology.

I particularly enjoyed the broad range of papers offered within the School of Earth Science. Most of the papers contained a practical component in the form of field visits or laboratory sessions that made the papers more enjoyable.


Q: Aspects of University training that helped you get your job and have proven useful in doing the job.

During my Masters I received a Graduate Research in Industry Fellowship (GRIF) that was undertaken in association with my present employer. The fellowship provided an ideal avenue to apply the coastal oceanography and resource management skills that I studied at both the Bachelor and Masters levels in my present position of coastal and environmental scientist. I have also found that the diverse range of earth science and resource management papers provided a broad knowledge base that I apply daily in work.


Q: What does your current job entail?

I predominantly undertake studies in coastal management, coastal engineering and resource management. The projects/studies are diverse and include consultancy for hydrological studies, coastal numerical and physical modelling, coastal engineering, coastal process assessment, coastal hazard assessment and coastal planning. I undertake projects within New Zealand, Pacific and South East Asia.


Q: Things you enjoy about your job.
A: I particularly enjoy the diverse range of projects that I am involved in. I also enjoy working in other countries alongside other cultures.


Mountain Biking, Snowboarding, Diving, Travel

Short and long term future goals:
Continue to refine coastal engineering and management skills; work towards holistic environmental management.


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